Visual Art

Scott Nash

Scott is an experienced presenter and has visited schools throughout Maine as well as nationally. He has a range of dynamic workshops and presentations suitable for tots teens and families. In classrooms and lecture halls, Scott tells stories, reads from his diverse work, talks about where ideas come from and the subjects of writing, animation, graphic design and illustration.


In the art room, Scott guides students through what he calls DRAWING TRICKS, a variety of exercises designed to demystify drawing and demonstrate how a pencil and paper provides us with a way of thinking.


His visits to elementary schools focus on drawing and storytelling and his presentations to older children are more about creative process and often cover media such as animation, game and product design as well as books.

Scott is also happy to customize his presentations generally to a classroom’s curriculum.

Scotts work can be seen at, and

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Beverly Mann

Beverly Mann is an actor, mask theater performer, movement theater artist and mask maker with extensive performance and teaching experience spanning two decades. As an educator, Beverly teaches workshops and residencies in mask making, mask theater techniques and theater improvisation.

In mask-making workshops, students have the opportunity to build a silent character mask that covers the entire face or a mask worn on the top of the head. These are nonverbal masks that allow the body to be fully expressive. The mask-making process includes: the plaster positive (a solid armature on which to work), clay- to build the character’s features, and layering other materials. Once these materials are dry, the clay is removed and the mask is painted. Students will explore and identify how to bring the masks to life through movement and mask theatre techniques. They are the playwrights, creating an original mask theatre piece, which will culminate in a performance at the end of the residency. Geared for those that are interested in the integration of the performing arts and visual arts.

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