Student Arts Collaborative

Student Handout

Handout for students about the MAAE Student Arts Collaborative – from Zachary Fisher, UMaine freshman and co-manager of MAAE’s group Facebook page:

WELCOME to the MAAE Student Arts Collaborative!

This is a group for any and all Maine students in both high school and college to share, express and support one another in their love for the arts.

What can you do here?

We want to see what you’re doing in the arts! Whether it’s your own dance recital or an art exhibit you’ve recently visited, we want to know.

The special thing about the MAAE Student Arts Collaborative is the unique grouping of Maine arts lovers like yourself! Want to know what it’s like to be a music major? Ask away! The bigger this group becomes, the more likely there are others with the expertise to answer your questions!

Not to worry! If you’re out there now pursuing a career in the arts you’re an important resource for the rest of us! Feel free to stay, share your work and experiences, and get involved.

Visit Facebook and search for MAAE Student Arts Collaborative or visit to find the link.