Statewide Advocacy

Arts Education May be Impacted by State Legislation

LD #1666 proposed to extend the diploma requirement for proficiency based learning in all 8 content areas (including VPA – Visual and Performing Arts) for one year, but an amendment to LD #1666 proposed making the Proficiency Based Diploma itself a choice each school district could make, and that amendment passed by a split vote in the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee. Because the vote was split, both that and an opposing amendment, which proposed to provide for technical support by the DOE to help districts develop their proficiency-based systems (for all 8 content areas) during the bill’s one year proposed delay, would be up for a full vote when and if the full legislature meets again to complete its work on this year’s group of bills. That legislative action is currently on hold, pending a special session called by the legislature. We are waiting to see if that will happen sometime after the primary on June 12, and will be posting the news on this website either way, after the primary. If no special session is called, the PBD requirement for all 8 content areas remains in effect, but if a special session is called, we will be posting the news on this website, including what the two competing amendments may mean for advocacy. To receive all of MAAE’s emailed Advocacy Alerts, join MAAE’s listserv.

MAAE Statewide Advocacy at the Statehouse

In 2016 MAAE transformed its annual Advocacy Day at the Statehouse to fully represent the whole state. Arts students from around the state were invited to advocate one-on-one with their district legislative representatives. MAAE also created a statewide display of community support for arts education in the Hall of Flags, organizing the tables to represent each county, and offering community arts organizations in each county an opportunity to link up with and host their county’s student delegation. Another change was the interaction of the students themselves. Besides programming student performances for the legislators after the morning session in the chambers, the students were invited to organize group arts activities so that they could meet and interact with each other while the legislators were still upstairs.  For more about our 2017 Advocacy Day, click here!