Amarantos Quartet




Each member of the classically trained Amarantos quartet – violinists Lauren Hastings Genova and Meagan McIntyre, violist/arranger Bryan Brash, and cellist Hannah Schroeder –  has performed extensively with musicians from a wide variety of styles such as rock, pop, folk, world, and more.   For schools their presentation of new music, unique collaborations and original arrangements will appeal to students of all ages and levels of musical experience.  The quartet can also work with student musicians…collaborating with string and non-string players alike, as well as assisting string ensembles in sectional rehearsals.
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Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner is among the nation’s foremost performers and interpreters of traditional music. His songs from the lumber camps, fishing villages and mountain tops of America connect 21st century audiences with the everyday lives–and artistry–of 19th century Americans. Jeff has been singing in schools – both in the U.S. and abroad – since the 1970’s, performing and teaching American traditions through folk songs, stories, children’s games, step dancing (clogging) and the exploration of local history and family folklore. Each program is tailored to the state and local curriculum, providing a multicultural view of American history through movement, singing, history, social studies and literature/language arts.

Jeff’s school concerts are designed for specific age levels (e.g., grades K-4, 4-8 or 8-12), presented back-to-back throughout the day.

Full School Day
Full days with Jeff include concerts for the whole school, followed by a series of hands-on workshops designed for specific grade levels.

Artist Residency
Artist Residencies are designed for in-depth, curriculum-guided class-by-class contact between Jeff and the students. Timelines for these are flexible: residencies can last two days, two weeks, or more!

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Martin Swinger – Performance
Martin Swinger sings smart, story-infused songs people understand, enjoy and remember. In family concerts Martin grabs the attention of kids and grown-ups simultaneously with his selection of original, traditional and contemporary songs. Songs that tell stories, participation and sing-along songs, songs which require only a simple suggestion from the audience to spring into creative and laugh-out-loud action!

K-5 Songwriting in the Classroom
feel it?
Almost 20 years of experience introducing songwriting in K-5 classrooms gives Martin the innate ability to engage young students immediately and enthusiastically in songwriting games, mnemonic creation and insight into the tools and processes involved in writing original songs. In arts residencies, Martin becomes a ‘Pied Piper’ modeling inclusion, respect, patience and humor as students work together and individually to express their own original ideas in song. Martin also offers highly rated Continuing Education workshops for teachers on how to facilitate songwriting in their own classrooms.

High School – Improvisational Singing Workshops
Martin’s workshops with high school choral groups introduce edgy and exhilarating improvisational games and forms. Beginning with the simplest forms of duet improvisation (see-saw), Martin builds skills in language creation (scat singing), motor/riff development, harmonic possibilities, parts, soloing, finally leading to full group improvisation and performance models.

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Jennifer Armstrong
Musical Storyteller, Jennifer Armstrong, creates programs, workshops and picture books that encourage the creative artist in each of us. Bagpipe, fiddle and banjo enliven her shows.