Katenia Keller
As a teaching artist Katenia Keller has years of experience in introducing students in Maine middle and high schools to the joy of dance. To students who may have no previous experience – or even interest! – in dance, her work brings the joy of movement, a new body awareness, increased confidence, pride, ownership, deeper understanding of a subject and the joy of creating. Katenia’s work in schools includes work with disabled students and with classes that mix disabled with regular learners. Katenia is a juried teaching artist in the Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist Directory.


High School
Katenia brings creative movement tools, choreographic skills and a rich imagination to students at the high school level. Under her seasoned guidance students learn movement creation, phrase building and group collaboration and create complete dance works that explore specific subjects in depth. In a creation process which includes discussion and writing the students learn to explore and express concepts through physical movement and to create movement together in small and large groups. Residencies with Katenia deepen the students’ appreciation for the process of finding meaning in a subject and the awareness of their own innate creativity in expressing that meaning through dance.


Middle School
For 24 years Katenia has worked with middle school students in a performance-based school dance program which teaches students the art of performing choreographed work. These students show marked increases in confidence levels, memory skills, spatial relationship, and locomotor development. She is currently creating a performance for middle school students to be combined with student and teacher workshops.


Professional Development Workshops for Teachers
Bringing creative movement tools to teachers can deepen the impact of a dance residency with students, as teachers learn ways to incorporate movement into their teaching. Katenia has worked with K-12 teachers, and with teachers of a variety of subjects including Earth Science, English Literature, History, Public Speaking and Math.

Multi Age Community Workshops
Creative movement can be facilitated for all ages in a combined group. Families and friends in a community can make deeper connections through creating work together. These workshops can also be an extension of a school dance residency.